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Seniior enviironment modeler


The dystopian planet of WALL•E was a blend of the fantastic and familiar. Audiences needed to recognize Earth but also understand how things had gone wrong on such a massive scale. In a short scene that followed WALL•E on his daily routine, we wanted to reveal the planet's history in entirely visual terms. Dubbed “The Walk Home,” the segment used 10 of the most complicated sets ever created by Pixar, at the time, to tell a wordless, one-minute story. I was lucky to be part of the team responsible for creating Trash City. 

The luxury spaceship Axiom cuts an impressive profile. But unlike the mammoth space vehicles in most science fiction epics, it wasn’t designed to inspire fear or engage in deep space battle. Instead we envisioned the last refuge of a consumer culture, a top of. the line cruiser, loaded with excess and wandering adrift with the remnants of human race. My main task was to model the ship's Coach Class, the captains tower and a hand full of one off sets, such as the observation deck and the nursery

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