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Reel Breakdown


Responsible for the modeling of  Hero Trash Towers during the title intro 


Resposible for all terrain modeling, rock quarry & Tepuis. Paradise Falls hero modeling & Pursuit set modeling and set dressing


Responsible for all modeling of Trees and vegetation. Modeling of Mordu Ruins. Set dressing by Frank Tai

Good Dinosaur

Set modeling supervisor role. Modeling of Basalt pond set. Dressing by Kristen Beech - Modeling of terrain, rocks, Hero Tree & BG mountains on "Helpless sequence  Dressing by Kristen Beech- Modeling of River bank ,terrain and BG mountains in Above the Clouds sequence - Modeling of Cliff wall/ Peak and bramble on Spot Taken sequence.

Toy Story That Time forgot

Responsible for modeling of The Arena of Woe


Set modeling supervisor role. Hero Modeling of Coco's Guitar & Picture frame in Mausoleum set - Architecture by Raymond Wong. -Modeling collaboration of Marigold Station. Additional modelers: Dale Ruffolo & Cati Grasso - Modeling & set dressing of Clerk's Office set. - Modeling and dressing of stairwell set & melted candle props 


Set modeling supervisor role - Terrain & Bean Stalks modeling, Set dressing by Tom  Miller - Modeling and set dressing of Cave Gauntlet & Gelatinous Cube & skeleton props - Modeling of terrain & architecture of Manticore's Tavern Exterior. Dressing by Kristen Beech - Modeling of Cave entrance and vines. Dressing by Kristen Beech - Modeling of Giant Cheese puff Boat - Modeling of Mushroomtown (terrain, mushroom houses & props). Additional modeling support by Michael Rutter. Set Dressing by Kristen Beech.


Responsible for all modeling & initial dressing of Albertos Hideout Tower (with the exception of junkie Vespa, modeled by Raymond Wong) - Modeling of Luca's Underwater house, terrain and vegetation - Modeling and dressing of Grotto Cave.


Set modeling supervisor role. Hero modeling of XL01 spaceship & the I.V.A.N, Modeling & dressing of Zurg's Hangar - Modeling of Star Command Base, Silo (mid constructed & final) and Launchpad - Modeling of Alisha's Bronze statue - Hero modeling of Zurg's mothership exterior closeup shots - Modeling of Zurg's Airlock Exterior. - Modeling of Damaged turnip and landing crashsite terrain - Modeling & dressing of damaged control room 

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