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Set modeling Supervisor


“Warm CGI”

A movie set in space called for the kind of high-tech gear and blinking gadgetry that would make a sci-fi fan smile. We wanted to explore what it was about CG that lacked the warmth that you get when you use practical models like in a ‘Star Wars’ set. From that, we developed a film language that put the warmth back into the CG models & move away from that super sharp, super crisp CG look. A healthy contrast of curves vs straight lines, chunky bevels where you would normally do straights or sharp edges, all gave the world of Lightyear a very palpable believability. I supervised the modeling efforts on this film and could not be more proud of what the modeling team accomplished on such an ambitious production. 

Below you can find some of my personal contributions to Lightyear. 

modeling examples

property of disney/pixar

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